Cyberika Mod APK unlimited money, gems, everything

Game NameCyberika
Mod Infounlimited money, gems, everything
GenreRole Playing
Latest Version2.0.4-rc557
Requirement4.4 and up
Size141 MB

Cyberika: Action Cyberpunk RPG game is an epic turn based combat RPG game. This game features futuristic and high tech weaponry, a variety of different weapons to choose from, challenging quests, an addictive combat system and an open world environment to explore.

It is filled with action, adventure, exploration, customization and a little bit of strategy. This game is also available on IOS devices. It has you controlling cybernetic ninja who fights crime in age of Steel, using advanced weapons and equipment from all around world. Experience fast paced futuristic RPG game where you are leader of your own organization and guide world in their fight for freedom.

You’re in control of your own unique character, and you’ll be able to craft your own unique combat animations as you level up. Explore vast and exotic world of Cyberika, where you can explore an endless abundance of quests and missions, or even engage in arena PvP battles!

Cyberika is sci-fi action RPG game set in gorgeous cyberpunk world of chrome people and neon lights. You play as a hacker named Dias and are tasked with infiltrating powerful corporation known as SPAT. Doing so will expose conspiracy that will shake city to core.

The year is 2018. You are part of new type of law enforcement agent – Cyberian Military. Surviving humanity’s last hours in this dystopian future, you’ll need all your skills and wits to survive: from robbery, assassination and sabotage; to collecting information and eliminating corruptive elements.
However gameplay is based on an interactive real time introspection in which you manage your choices throughout whole game. You have to study different situations with three different bodies, each one with its own distinctive personality and tactics (each one having more complex network of skills).

Welcome to Cyberia world that is both beautiful and dangerous, where wealthy live in luxury above ground, and poor are forced to survive on streets below. Many struggle with drug addiction, crime or exploitation by corrupt law enforcement.

You are young man, just out of prison, who took easy way out and instead of going straight, you decided to steal from rival gang! You are caught and thrown into yet another prison where you must fight again for survival and make your escape.