Rival Stars Horse Racing

Rival Stars Horse Racing Mod APK unlimited money, gold

Game NameRival Stars Horse Racing
Mod Infounlimited money, gold
Latest Version1.38
Requirement6.0 and up
Size928 MB

Rival Stars Horse Racing is a simulation game of horse racing and horse ranching in your free time. Start raising a horse ranch and get to know your horses: ride them, breed them or sell them for big money. And then it’s time for races! Do you have what it takes to be a champion in Tourneys? Raise your horses like crazy and win every race by participating in Countryside events or by upgrading Ranch for new commodities for horses. Raise lots of nice horses with friends or other rare breeds.

Learn about your horse from its origins to how it acts as a companion. By participating in events you will win races and raise your horse ranch rank. Upgrade park for new commodities, raise rare horses and breed new horses with friends or other breeds that you have chosen.

The horse racetrack collects horses with most important attributes, breeding and upgrading them to become stars. You can also get on a horse and win every race in tournaments. Horse races help you advance through a series of missions. Reach different goals and win prizes or improve your horse ranch for new commodities for horses.

Raising a horse ranch is an exciting experience, especially when you start out with Andalusian horses or other cool breeds! You get to know your horses, ride them around and they will help you win every race.

Horse Ranching is terrific fun and can lead to adventure. Make sure that you raise best horses and keep upgrading to win every race. Get used to landscape, meet new friends and participate in pastime of horse racing that takes place in different locations in world.

This game is all about being a horse owner and keeping up with your horse ranch. You will have to raise horses, ride them, train them and participate in various web based tournaments in order to win more money. Rivalry Stars horse racing is a beautiful, original and playful horse racing game. Game has coolest graphics and user interface design.

Rival Stars Horse Racing is an online horse racing game that has a perfect combination of action, adventure and simulation. Your horse’s speed, skill, training and metabolism will determine how well you perform in your first race. Do not forget to feed him regularly so he doesn’t get ill or fat!