TV Empire Tycoon

TV Empire Tycoon Mod APK unlimited gems, money

Game NameTV Empire Tycoon
Mod Infounlimited gems, money
Latest Version1.11
Requirement5.0 and up
Size129 MB

TV Empire Tycoon is an exciting game that allows you to take control of a television network. Use money earned by putting on successful shows and upgrading facilities to build new studios and hire talented actors, directors, publishers and more. You will earn a lot.

You are a great TV channel executive! You have always wanted to run your own TV channel and now you are finally in position of making it happen. As one of most successful networks in history, you have lots of experience running television programs, handling talent, and creating your own style. In order to improve your man power and add new viewers, hire even more staff members and upgrade facilities. Build many awesome programs that bring people to tune in on an everyday basis so that your channel becomes most popular one on television!

Work hard to upgrade facilities and produce awesome programs. Harder you work, higher you rank on leaderboard, resulting in more profit and popularity. It’s a game that challenges you to build a television empire! Add more programs to your channel and make sure that you are always top news channel. Become most powerful king in this fantasy world by investing in facilities and upgrading them too each day.

Create brand new programs for your fans. Upgrade your facilities and create many different programs to attract as many viewers as possible. It’s easier than ever before to start broadcasting on TV Empire Tycoon! You business is in front of your computer screen, waiting to be built. Start by upgrading office and create a team of people to run a variety of projects. Too many of its competitors are waiting to top glory. StarTV is ready to take on challenges and evolutions in industry.